Cat & Dog Vaccinations in Oakland

Cat & dog vaccinations are an essential component of your pet’s long-term health. They protect them from highly contagious and dangerous diseases that could put their lives at risk. At Broadway Pet Hospital, we administer the Ultra Duramune line of vaccines, the safest in existence, for cats and dogs. Ultra benefits include:

  • Improves patient experience by reducing vaccine volume to ½ mL to help minimize discomfort
  • Reduces unwanted protein and debris
  • Reduces vaccination reactions associated with unwanted protein and debris

Ask us which Ultra vaccines are appropriate for your pet!

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Vaccines Matter
Lengthen Your Pet's Life with High-Quality Protection

*Vaccine-only appointments are currently being conducted curbside only*

Vaccines We Offer

At Broadway Pet Hospital, we devise a vaccination protocol unique to your pet and their lifestyle. We’ll choose only the vaccines your pet needs to live their healthiest life. The vaccines we have available include the following:

Rabies Vaccine

This highly contagious disease is zoonotic, meaning it can spread from animals to people. California law requires vaccination against rabies for all dogs, and we highly recommend it for all cats, too. The rabies vaccine is needed every three years after your pet's initial vaccine series. The feline rabies vaccine is Purevax.

Ultra DAP (distemper, adenovirus, parvovirus)

Often known as simply “distemper,” this dog vaccine protects against three diseases. We offer a triannual DAP vaccine booster after your pet’s initial series as a puppy. 

Ultra FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia)

Commonly called “feline distemper,” this cat vaccine protects against three serious diseases. Your cat requires a booster every three years after their initial series. 

Ultra Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that your dog can pick up from contaminated water or soil. We highly recommend it for all dogs and can easily include it within the initial DHPP series of your puppy’s vaccinations. After this series, they’ll require an annual booster.

Rattlesnake Vaccine

For adventurous dogs who accompany their owners on hikes, we recommend the rattlesnake vaccine. It greatly reduces the effect of rattlesnake poison to your dog if bitten. Should your pet benefit from the rattlesnake vaccine, they’ll need a booster every year. Ultra does not make a rattlesnake vaccine, so we use the safest one available.


Dogs who travel, often stay in boarding facilities, or participate in training classes or shows, should receive the vaccine for Bordetella, or “kennel cough.” We offer several versions of this vaccine and will work with you to choose one that suits your pet and their lifestyle best. We do not have the Ultra Bordetella vaccine, but use the safest one available.

Canine Influenza

Similarly to Bordetella, the canine influenza vaccine (CIV) is important for dogs who often visit dog parks, are in training classes, go to dog shows, travel, or are otherwise frequently sociable with other dogs. Our CIV is an Ultra. 

Ultra Feline Leukemia

Only recommended for outdoor cats, the feline leukemia vaccine protects against this serious immunodeficiency disease that is nearly always fatal. Should you have an outdoor cat, they’ll need annual boosters. 

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Why Vaccines Matter

Without vaccines, your pet is vulnerable—vulnerable to potentially fatal diseases that we can wholly prevent. During their lives, there’s a good chance they'll come into contact with one of these serious illnesses. While many of them are treatable if caught early, the treatment costs will be much higher than those of regular vaccinations. Sometimes, however, the diseases are fatal, even with treatment. It’s also important to keep in mind that cat & dog vaccinations mean your furry friend is spared the debilitating and sometimes lasting consequences of these illnesses. Make an appointment to discuss your pet's vaccinations today!