Veterinary Telemedicine in Oakland, CA

Broadway Pet Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality of care possible to you and your pets—whether you can make it to our hospital or not. With our veterinary telemedicine services, we can connect directly with you through online vet visits and answer your questions, give you advice, and even prescribe medications!

How to Get Started

We use the app TeleVet for our telemedicine service. It’s easy to get started and even easier to use. Here’s how to begin:

  • Download the TeleVet app on your smartphone from the Apple or Google Play store.
  • Create your profile and your pet’s.
  • Connect to our practice.
  • Start a consultation!

When you start a new consultation, include a summary of your pet’s issue, along with any images or videos. We’ll review your request and then set up a time for you to talk directly with your veterinarian through a video consultation. In addition to new consultations, we can also schedule follow-up visits through TeleVet. We’ll choose a date and time that works for everyone, connect with you at the time through video, and then send you a summary for your referral!

Download the TeleVet app on iTunes or Google Play.

When We Use Telemedicine

Veterinary telemedicine is extremely convenient and useful in a variety of situations but it does have some limitations.

For instance, do not use telemedicine for emergencies. Instead, call our hospital right away at (510) 653-0212 or contact one of our referral 24/7 emergency hospitals.

Additionally, only current clients of Broadway Pet Hospital can take advantage of our telemedicine services.


What if You Can’t Solve My Pet’s Problem with Telemedicine?

Not all issues can be solved over telemedicine. If we see a need to perform further diagnostics or a physical exam on your pet following a telemedicine consultation, we’ll arrange a time for them to come in for an appointment. This allows us to fully examine your pet and ensure we’re serving them with the highest level of care.

Have any other questions or concerns about telemedicine? Please call us today at (510) 653-0212!