Cat & Dog Euthanasia and End of Life Care in Oakland, CA

The choice to say goodbye is one of the hardest for pet owners to make. At Broadway Pet Hospital, we understand that this decision takes time and patience, and we’re happy to offer all the guidance and support we can. We are equipped to offer end of life care services including hospice care and cat & dog euthanasia.

Extending Quality of Life with Hospice Care

Hospice care is given after your pet has stopped treatment for their condition. The goal is to elevate their comfort so they can enjoy life for as long as possible. It often includes pain medications and laser therapy to decrease their discomfort. We will continue hospice care for as long as it is effective. If, however, you notice your pet’s health continue to decline, it may be time to consider pet euthanasia.

Knowing When It's Time for Pet Euthanasia

Deciding on pet euthanasia is a decision only you and your family can make. While we can provide advice about their health from a medical standpoint, you know your pet best and can more readily recognize when they are no longer themselves. When you decide that euthanasia is the right choice, please contact us to set up a time for the procedure. We perform the procedure in a quiet room in our clinic, where you and your family will be given plenty of time to say your final goodbyes. When you are ready, we’ll administer the euthanasia medication, and your pet will drift off into a deep sleep, and then pass on. They feel no pain or discomfort.

If you are interested in a house call service for your pet’s euthanasia procedure, we can recommend trusted services in the area.

Pet Loss Support

Losing a pet can be just as traumatic as losing a human friend or family member. We can recommend a number of different pet loss support groups in the Bay area for you to attend. Many of them are free and require no pre-registration. Talk to us for more details.