6 Ways Cats Show Love to Humans

You love your cat, but how do you know if they love you too? Cats show love much differently from humans and even differently from other pets, like dogs, too. Whether you’re an experienced cat owner or this is your first time caring for a cat, it’s important to learn how to recognize signs that your cat loves you and feels affectionate toward you.

ways cats show love

In the list below, you can find information about six of the most common ways cats show love and affection to their owners. Use this information to help you notice times when your cat is truly happy to be in your presence.


One of the most common ways cats show affection is by rubbing their faces or bodies against their owners. Your cat may thread between your legs or might rub their cheeks on your hand or arm. They might also “headbutt” you as a sign that they love you.

All of these actions are some of the easiest ways to tell your cat likes being with you. Although your cat might also engage in some of these behaviors when begging for food or a treat, they’re more likely to rub against you when they love you.

Rolling Over

Cats do not like to show their stomachs to just anyone. This is considered a very vulnerable position, and it can make many cats nervous or frightened.

If your cat is content to roll over in your presence–even if they then grab your hand in play when you try to pet their belly–this means they love and trust you. It’s a sign that you and your cat have bonded quite a lot.


You may already be aware of this one, but cats will purr when they are feeling content, comfortable, safe, and happy. Purring in your presence is a sign that your cat is happy to be with you, which is one of the many ways a cat can feel love toward a human family member.

Some cats purr very often for just about any reason that makes them happy, and others only reserve their purring for very special occasions. Either way, if your cat purrs around you, then it’s a good sign they love you.


Some cats are natural talkers, and others can be very quiet. Whether your cat likes to meow most of the time or not, meowing at you in a way that seems almost conversational is yet another way your cat shows love and affection toward you.

When your cat “talks” to you–when you get home from work, when you’re ready to feed them, or when they want your attention for playtime–this shows that they trust you. Your cat is considering you in its normal communication patterns, showing that you are part of their family. A talkative cat is usually a happy cat!


Have you ever seen your cat knead or “make bread?” This behavior is a common cat action that signifies cats who are very content and secure. Cats knead their paws, usually while purring, because it reminds them of being young kittens who were still nursing their mothers. Although your cat is likely not a baby kitten now, they are still showing that they feel comfortable by kneading.

Some cats like to knead on their owners, and others prefer to knead a blanket nearby. You can cuddle with your cat by putting a blanket over your lap and encouraging them to knead the blanket as much as they like as part of a bonding experience.


Finally, cuddling with you is yet another way you can tell if your cat loves you or not. Only cats who feel very affectionate toward their humans will lay directly on or next to their owners. If your cat cuddles in this way, then you should know they trust you enough to fall sound asleep in your presence.

Cuddling is a sign of respect, security, and family bonds for cats. When you cuddle, you’re also showing your cat that you feel the same way about them, which further increases the affection toward you.

Cats Can Be Very Loving Animals

Cats may seem standoffish and uninterested in their human family members, but in reality, they are very loving animals and can be loyal companions too. By learning to recognize your cat’s love signs, you can understand when you have reached a high level of bonding with your furry friend.

If you feel like you and your cat haven’t quite bonded to that point yet, make sure you spend time with them in the way they like best. Your cat may prefer to cuddle, but they might also want to play or simply sit near you while you read or perform some other quiet activity. Every cat is different, and each cat’s preferences for bonding experiences differ, too.